Vakbondsactie op Solidariteitsdag

Activisten van European Belarus in Saligorsk voerden actie voor de onafhankelijke vakbond bij Granit in Soligorsk.

Leaflets with the slogans “No to repression on Granit plant”, “Respect trade union rights”, “Trade union is not a crime”, “You cannot fire all” and information about the reprisal against workers appeared in the town’s stores, at bus stops and on advertising boards, writes.

The leaflets were distributed in Salihorsk on Solidarity Day, March 16.

It should be reminded that the situation of Granit plant attracted public attention in late 2011, when 600 workers quit the official trade union to set up an independent one protesting against low wages and humiliating attitude of the plant’s management towards the personnel. As the result, the salaries went up, but the independent trade union faced pressure from Granit’s top officials and secret services. The trade union activists were accused of making attempts to “destabilise the situation”. The activists faced threats and some people, including trade union leader Aleh Stakhayevich, were sacked.

The Solidarity Day is marked every 16th day of a month. Actions of solidarity with political prisoners and repression victims are held in the country and abroad.