Viktor Gonchar – verdwenen sinds 16 september 1999 – opgeroepen als getuige

Viktor Gonchar is opgeroepen om te getuigen in verband met de bom die op 4 juli 2008 in Minsk is ontploft. Zijn vrouw, Zinaida Gonchar, is verbijsterd.


“On April 19, on Easter Day, we organized a picnic with children. When we returned, I found a summons in the mailbox. It said Hanchar Viktar must appear as a witness in the Savetski district militia department on April 20 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. investigator Spirydovich Gleb calls him. The summons contains a telephone number 331-04-27, one should phone it if he or she can’t go to the militia department. I think it is connected with the case of the bomb blast on July 4, 2008. It’s a mockery! This is ignorance of the situation in the country. Where do these people live, who does work in our militia?”